장미선 Jang Mi-Seon 조회: 8,989   작성일: 15-09-07  

1991년 대한민국 서울에서 태어나 6살에 피아노를 배우며 음악에 대해 알아가기 시작했고 점차 영역을 넓혀 여러 가지 악기를 배우다가 작곡전공으로 2010년 추계예술대학교에 입학하여 장혜련 교수, 최정훈 교수를 사사하였고, 20142월에 추계예술대학교를 졸업하였고, 현재 한국의 음악교육의 발전에 비전을 가지고 20153월에 건대음악교육대학원에 입학하여 공부중이다.


Jang Mi-Seon, who was born in 1991 and South Korea, has started her music career since six-year old. During that time, she was initially inspired of music by learning about how to play piano. After that, she was possible to extend her capability of playing instruments to viola and flute. In order to take a step further, she decided to enter Chugye University for musical composition major, and she was thankfully taught by Professor Jang Hae-Ryun and Choi Jung-Hoon. As soon as graduated Chugye University, she has become a graduate student of Konkuk Music Education University since 2015 for not only achieving deep down inside her vision which gets involved in developing music education of Korea, but also becoming a true musician.


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