¿ Seungwoo PAIK ȸ: 9,521   ۼ: 15-09-07  

۰ ¿ б Ǵ ϰ ̵ũ- 뿡 ۰ Ͽ. 絶 ȸ ӻ ټ ǰ ǥϿ, ӿ ǰ ǥȸ Ͽ. ״ , ̷ȸ, âȸ Ȱ ǰ Ȱ ϰ , Ͽ ̱, ߱, Ϻ, , 긣ũ, , ũ̳, þ ûǾ ټ ǰ ǥϰ, 긣ũ ISCM (2000) Լ 긣ũ ϿŸ ۰ ɻ(2006) ˵Ǿ.

2000⵵ ѹα ۰ ֿ ״ ȸ ѱȸ ȸ, ܹ ѱ۰ȸ ̻, (Pan Music Festival) ǰ Ȱϰ , õб ۰ ϰ ִ.


Seungwoo PAIK graduated from Seoul National University and also studied composition at Heidelberg-Mannheim School of Music. His various works have played in numerous festivals and concerts at Seoul, the United States, Germany, China, Japan, Belgium, Ukraina, Russia and Luxemburg World Music Days(2000). Among his awards are the YE-EUM Prize(1996), and the 19th Korean National Composer's Prize(2000). Commissioned by the International Mandolin Association and Mannheim Woodwind Ensemble in 1992, Prof. Paik presented his music to the public. Also, in 1993 he held a concert featuring his various works at Mannheim. He is an active composer involved in many composer's groups such as the Contemporary Music Society of Seoul.

He is president of ISCM korean section, the artistic director of Pan Music Festival and a professor of composition at Gachon University.