Ji-Hyang Kim ȸ: 8,762   ۼ: 15-09-07  

ȭ,(:), б Ǵ ۰ (:)

б (Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin) (:F.Goldmann)

õб( б) ۰

, ø, Ѿ Ⱝ


Ji-Hyang Kim received her bachelor's degree in composition from Seoul National University and got her Diplom from Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin. She studied under the supervision of Jung-sun Park, Byung-dong Paik and Friedrich Goldmann. Currently she is a guest-professor at Gachon University and teaches composition, counterpoint and harmony at several universities. As a member of Asian Composers' League, she also participates in ISCM in Korea section, the Korean Society of Women Composers and the Society of Contemporary Music UNJI.